Speaking, Hosting, and Exclusive Retreats

An engaging speaker with the ability to deliver stimulating, thought provoking content is crucial to the success of any conference or event. Delivering a message in a way that leaves the audience inspired and hungry to know more is Victoria’s goal as a speaker and host. Bringing a mix of artistic eloquence and practical experience together in a way that activates and educates as the audience is pulled into the moment. As a facilitator, Victoria’s exclusive retreats, guide clients through the process of collectively looking back at what we’ve done and where we’d like to be, team-building, and setting clear objectives moving forward. Whether it is and hour event or 7-day retreat step out of the day-to-day and into a moment of introspection that will motivate, inspire, and empower you and your team.

How It Works

Speaking and Hosting:

Victoria’s talks provide a poetic experience of the inner world, bring emotions to life, modeling problem solving and raw honesty, while educating audiences in a way that inspires. A master storyteller, she captivates with her passion and human insight weighing in on topics such as: conversational leadership, the power of vulnerability, and Visualization as a Tool. As a host Victoria has a way of making people feel comfortable and asking questions that really draw out the information audiences are waiting to hear.


Exclusive Retreats:

Discover the path to your ultimate fulfillment in life as you strengthen your team synergy and master your emotional, physical and financial health at an Exclusive Retreat. This 3-7 day acceleration program is designed to boost morale, spend time brainstorming, working on a project, or coming up with a company roadmap.


Some of our most popular topics include:

The Art of Delegation

Stepping into Empathy

Diversity and Inclusion

Time-Management Challenge


Improve Teamwork

Get to know you team better,
the dynamics of how you work best together,
and develop lasting bonds.

Improve Collaborative Problem-solving

Work together as one through activities
designed to strengthen and grow the
bond between it’s members.

Step into An Adventure

Achieve lasting change and Improve the Quality of Your Life Today.

Innovative ideas and Inspiring
concepts that truly matter to people.

We have programs customized to fit you unique needs and schedule,
get started quickly and easily by booking a Free Consultation Today!

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