Private Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Engaging with a coach one-on-one is a working partnership that supports effective productivity and performance management. Master your mindset- learn to stop self-sabotage, embrace your fears and enjoy your emotions. Creating a safe space to gain perspective, exercise creativity, improve specific skills and foster an environment best suited to achieve your goals with precision. At Victory Is Us, we provide focused, personalized attention to fast track your journey to achieving your personal and professional goals.

How It Works

Whether you are an Entrepreneur just starting out or a CEO wanting to reach the next level, we have a one-one-one program that will help you achieve your results. Victoria and her team have developed 3 customizable programs designed to get to know you and your business as well as empower you with the tools and guidance to be successful. Together we will assess the efficiency of current processes & perspectives, deepen clarity around goals and obstacles, and explore improvement opportunities. Each program ranges from 6 – 18 months and includes focused sessions, online course modules, and on-going support. Working with a dedicated coach is key to growing your business and creating a happier, healthier work experience.


Some of our most popular topics include:

Communication- Assertive Speaking

Rewriting Your Story

Career Mapping Video Challenge

The Visualization Workshop


Improve Confidence and Clarity

Increased ability to picture exactly what I want and exactly what I need to do to get it with room to adjust for hiccups.

Increase Your Personal and Professional Fulfillment

Get closer to your passion and purpose as you learn to enjoy the process growing in trust and self-compassion.

Improve Time-Management

Develop your skills using Lean 6 Sigma techniques to reduce clutter, improve processes, and implement monitoring and maintaining systems.

Increased Productivity and Effectiveness

Discover new opportunities to improve the effectiveness of current processes and some helpful new methods.

Improved Internal Processes

Learning to create customized automated processes and detailed instructions to fit any project needs.

Analyzing Obstacles- With Mehgan James

Check Out an Episode with Celebrity Television Star Mehgan James as we go through an exercise that begins to take a deeper look at her thought patterns and obstacles.

Innovative ideas and Inspiring
concepts that truly matter to people.

We have programs customized to fit you unique needs and schedule,
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