Leadership Development for Teams and Businesses

Some fo the most successful companies today are known for employing business coaching services to gain an advantage in their industry. Building a strong leadership team that motivate and inspire throughout the organization as well as create a psychologically safe work environment is fundamental to long-term success. Victoria is an expert at teaching vulnerability and compassion through poetry and has a team of gurus on productivity and process efficiency. In partnering with Victory Is Us to facilitate group development, you’ll define clear goals, remove obstacles, identify challenges and opportunities, and map a strategic plan to create business growth.

How It Works

Partnering with Victoria and her team, you will have your choice of 3 customizable programs built specifically for companies and teams. We offer highly interactive skills training workshops, team-building webinars, and focused individualized support sessions both on and offsite. Each program focuses on identifying key behavior skills gaps creating barriers to career advancement and implementing best practices through tools, tips, and templates. Customizable options that fit your needs and range from 3 months to 18 months with on-going support thereafter. Be immersed in a community of support and accountability that will help you build momentum and stay on tracy to your goals.


Some of our most popular topics include:

Confidence Building

Emotional Sailing

the Art of Storytelling

Perspective Shifting Game


Improved Communication and Collaboration

More open honest communication amongst team members and a more accepting work environment.

Increase Revenue

Gain skills and tools to increase efficiency and productivity, improve customer experience, reach more clients and improve your bottom line.

Improve Leadership Skills

Perspective shifts that remove limiting beliefs, improve motivation and trust, and expand your ability to create the necessary physical and emotional environments.

Improve Self-Awareness & Self-Management

Discover techniques that encourage you to explore your internal world and others with curiosity and compassion.

Improved Employee Retention

The games especially make work feel less stressful, the little rewards bring more joy.

Emotional Sailing Exercise

Learning to sit in and experience our emotions as an observer with curiosity rather than judgement or avoidance is a powerful skill.

Innovative ideas and Inspiring
concepts that truly matter to people.

We have programs customized to fit you unique needs and schedule,
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