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Engaging the creative imagination starts with us.

Our Mission:

To develop empowering partnerships that advance company leaders and their teams by igniting the creative imagination.


Being Fully Present and moving with Clarity and Purpose.


The Courage to be at the forefront, and the Wisdom to Trust and Embrace the unknown with Confidence and Clarity.


The Curiosity and Drive to go where No other has before.


Dedicated to achieving the goal until the goal is achieved.

Our Core Values

Focused on serving our community with passion, integrity, and accountability; consistently showing up as an example worthy of setting.

Meet the Founder

Hello, I’m Victoria, CEO & Founder of Victory Is Us.


Victoria Thompson

CEO / Founder

Victoria Thompson is a born motivator and project warrior dedicated to empowerment.

Her talent as a performer and dedication to success, has been a passion since childhood. Born and raised in Texas, Victoria first hit the stage at age 6, as a gypsy in her first grade play. She excelled as a student and athlete in school, becoming the #1 Girls Single player in her state and graduating at the top of her class as a Distinguished Texas Scholar. After graduating, she signed up to serve her country as a Navy Aviation Electronics Technician. Victoria continued to excel, becoming shop supervisor and receiving several awards, including a Captains Coin for Carrier Air Wing 7.

Once out of the military Victoria followed her curiosity of people and their emotions, as well as in her father’s footsteps, and began a degree program in psychology. As someone, who at the time, was working through her own struggles with perfectionism, she really dug into her education. Having a deep understanding of the duality of success and its internal vs. external experience, she sought to become a master of her internal world. Again graduating at the top of her class, Victoria loved experimenting with theories of attention, focus, and cognitive training using poetry.

After earning her BS in Psychology, Victoria began Certification training in Project Management, earning Certifications in both Green and Blackbelt Project Management. Armed with education and experience in leadership and success, she set out to serve her community.

As a motivational speaker and leadership coach, Victoria uses techniques such as spokenword poetry to bring life to her learning experiences. By expanding people’s capacity to reach higher levels of honesty, Victoria helps to uncover the limitless potential and integrity just waiting to be discovered. Audiences are pulled into the moment and taken on a journey as she leaves her heart on the stage every time. As a mental health advocate, Victoria uses lyrical expression to educate, identify, and empower people from all walks of life. She educates on a variety of topics, from rewriting your trauma to storytelling in business.

Victoria started Victory Is Us to help companies with leadership management and process improvement. Focused on inspiring clients to become more self-aware, think outside-the-box, and discover a deeper sense of joy and meaning. Victory Is Us is a collective that is all about activating and empowering the creative imagination in traditional spaces using innovative and unconventional techniques.

My Technique

Combining behavioral science, art, and high level organizational tools and training, I help initiate perspective shifts, increase efficiency, and deepen fulfillment. When it comes to my coaching, the first step is getting to know you, stepping into your shoes the same way I would a character’s. I use each initial session for deep listening and focused questions that help me pinpoint where you are perceptually. The second step is to understand where you would like to be: clarifying, deepening, expanding, and bringing that vision closer to reality. Next, we work backwards and forward to develop a comprehensive strategy with tools and helpful contacts. Finally, I inspire motivate and monitor your progress until your goals have been realized.

Fun Facts

I love math. One reason for this particular passion is that it’s my most challenging subject. It took the most effort to master, and I spent more time getting to know it than any other subject. I have previously spent eight hours solving math problems, simply because I was overcome with enthusiasm while helping to tutor someone. My favorite number is 7, which I later discovered is my life number in Numerology.

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