A Unique Learning Experience
Designed to Activate, Empower, and Transform

Now is the perfect time to take your leadership team to the next level! Develop power partnerships that will help cultivate your mindset, improve your processes, and make for more joyful experiences. As a business owner or executive leader, you know what it takes to face uncertainty with confidence and poise. You know what it means to have the systems and structures in place, as well as the courage and perseverance it takes to be successful. As change is constant, we must continue to evolve and learn new ways to do business effectively. Victoria has put together a team to make sure you do just that.

No matter where a company is in their success journey, having well-rounded leaders who work well together is a key factor. Developing a strong leadership team can give you more satisfaction in your work, a healthy work/life balance, and the empowerment of knowing that what you want to achieve is possible!

Master <b>Your Unique Psychology </b>

Master Your Unique Psychology

Develop self-awareness and self-management skills through assessment tools and training exercises.

<b>Interpersonal Skills</b> Training Experience

Interpersonal Skills Training Experience

Dive deep into the art of emotional intelligence, communication, empathy, and listening through poetic moments that draw you into the emotional experience.

Organize, Strategize, <b>Optimize</b>

Organize, Strategize, Optimize

Learn Lean 6 Sigma Project methods, tools, and techniques that can help reduce waste and improve your processes.

Alignment and <b>Joy</b>

Alignment and Joy

Gain clarity and discover a renewal of purpose and passion, as you reassess values and goals. Deepen your fulfillment and increase your joy by learning to follow your bliss.

Poetry In Business: Harnessing the Power of the Imagination

As a Navy Veteran and Blackbelt Project Manager, Victoria’s attention to detail and understanding of operation efficiency is are valuable traits to have in a coach. But it’s her understanding of psychology and use of poetry that really takes her programs to the next level. According to a Harvard Business Review article, poetry can sharpen your ability to decipher complex problems, which is one of Victory Is Us CEO’s specialties.

Develop the Awareness and Interpersonal Skills Necessary to Master Your Life!

Balance is key – And in an organization, it begins with its members. Get ahead of the game with personalized one-on-one sessions, interactive workshops, and courses designed to give you the tools and training to reach your goals.

When it comes to success, 80% is psychology and 20% is mechanics – so more important than what you do is the mindset you do it in. Most people are held back by their own limiting beliefs and complete lack of awareness of them.

Our programs are designed to train you to identify and break those patterns. Develop your awareness, ability to deal with uncertainty, and gain new tools. With a new thought process in place, executing is smooth and results become inevitable. Make sure you’re set to win with a power partner and innovation coach.

Results-driven leadership coaching designed to improve focus and increase productivity

Our programs use research-based tools and techniques to develop the mindset and mechanics necessary to achieve the goals that have been set. We also provide a 30-day money back guarantee on all coaching programs.

<b>Personalized</b> One-on-One Sessions

Personalized One-on-One Sessions

Customized Sessions Designed to analyze and establish a baseline of your mindset and processes, and develop a strategy to help you reach your goals.

<b>Interactive</b> Group Workshops

Interactive Group Workshops

Fun, engaging workshops that bring you into the learning experience with excitement and curiosity.

<b>Training</b> Webinars with Special Guests

Training Webinars with Special Guests

Informational webinars that inspire, with special guests loaded with tips and tricks to help you get ahead.

<b>Psychology</b>-Based Courses

Psychology-Based Courses

Psychology-based courses designed with proven tools to help you build self-awareness and self-management skills.

Clients are taken on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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